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Our offering for captives management

Guidance from independent experts to serve our clients

Optimind’s Luxemburg and French platform Optimind Risk Services (ORS) provides four lines of services for European companies:

  • structuring and management of the risk insurance programmes of major groups and mid-sized companies;

  • guidance in setting up captive companies backed by feasibility studies, and assistance in obtaining the authorisations and approvals needed;

  • domiciliation services and technical, accounting and administrative management of captives;

  • actuarial and risk management advisory services for companies who wish to set up a captive.

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Notre offre en gestion de captives

Un accompagnement d’experts indépendants au service de nos clients Optimind Risk Services (ORS) est la plateforme luxembourgeoise et française d’Optimind et propose quatre axes de services pour les en


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